Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green Light, Here I Come

Green Light, Here I Come

Relationship vacation is like a string of red lights
Everytime I see Heidi, it just leads to more and more fights.
I flew to Colorado to get this back on track,
Didn't go so well, another Montag attack.

Living with my sister really cramped my style,
Steph keeps hanging with Lauren, whom I totally revile.
I can't even find peace at the local coffee house either
Just take your bobo and leave... give me a breather.

It'd be so much easier if Brody was still my boy.
But in his eyes, I'm just the hoi polloi.
I should have never started the sex tape rumor
I wish these people would get a sense of humor.

So now what's a guy like me left to do?
Heidi went to Vegas, left me feeling blue.
Maybe a roadtrip would be the cure to all my ills.
I have to show Heidi that I haven't lost my skills.

But no one will go with me, I haven't got a friend
I guess I'll take my sis, maybe we can mend.
It's time to end this silly relationship vacation
Without my soul mate, what's to come of this Speidi creation?

It's just a five hour drive, bet I can make it in four,
Stop talking about fashion school, god my sis is such a bore.
Lauren said it once, "she tried to ruin my life."
If this fails, I'll repeat it and add, she'll never be my wife.

We finally hit the strip, getting closer by the second.
She'll be thrilled to see me, that is what I reckon.
No meeting with Bolthouse can keep me from my love,
Damn, what is with this stoplight, hanging from above.

Sitting and waiting, so many thoughts run through my head
We have to get back together, we have to break some bread.
I'm starting to get nervous, I could leave feeling numb.
This is taking forever, yes! Green light, here I come.

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