Monday, June 13, 2011

What's App'ening?

Talking and texting are such a bore
I got my phone strictly for the app store.
Games and weather and maps and more
Gone are the days of landlines yore.

At first it was a couple, just a few
But then I got one that kept track of my brews
Named Last Call, it plotted your buzz
And offered local lawyers to help you out with the fuzz.

Then there was golf, well Super Stickman
Which is great for killing time, no matter the span.
Course after course, you can sit and play
It gets even better, for this one you don't pay.

You can challenge friends at finding words
And spend hours on the popular Angry Birds.
Check scores from the couch without leaving your seat
To see it's the Rays the Tigers have beat.

But by far my favorite is Words with Friends
Like Scrabble, but better, this game transcends
Double words, triple letters is where you make your mark
Points upon points for words like disembark.

So hang up that call, and ignore that text
Don't go work out, don't give your muscles a flex
Sit back and enjoy all the wonderful apps
And if you are feeling lucky - challenge me, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

where did you find this poem?