Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silver Elite

A year of flying all over the place
At last you have what you've always chased
No more cattle car with no room for your feet
You've been upgraded 'cause you are Silver Elite.

It took thirty segments to achieve such status
But now you enjoy booze and beer gratis
That's not all, as your bags also fly free
Even if you've packed a whole Christmas tree.

You board first and there's always plenty of room
And you laugh when bins fill and the others they fume
Legs stretched and seats back you enjoy a free drink
To the back of the plane, zones three and four slink.

Even when you land, the perks don't end
You now have bonus miles to save or to spend
On a layover, then it's off to next first class seat
Because only Gold and Platinum have Silver beat.

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