Friday, June 13, 2008

El Nino

You consist of two types of weekends
9 years is a career, not a trend.

The first is not as spectacular
But pulling a Sergio is now in my vernacular
An opening round approaching eight-oh
Another tournament you are sure to blow
Until a Friday score near the top
You make the cut, two more op's
To improve your score with little fanfare
Morning scores give the leaders a little scare
But you eventually finish mid-pack
A nice paycheck, you are no hack.

The second is much like the first, but in reverse
You start like a flash, in search of a prize purse
That will etch name among the greats
But winning a major is not your fate.
A third round lead is easily had
But bogey-free golf, for you, is a fad
Announcers switch from "Oh Sergio!!"
To "what's that a 7-iron? Oh no!!"
A slumped head atop your adidas gear
You just can't master the little white sphere.

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