Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dockers: Sick Day

The plan was hatched on a Thursday night
Let's all call in sick, do something tight.
All eagerly agreed and a meeting was set
Back here tomorrow, a promise not a threat.

The next day came and three arrived early
One came late, showed up feeling surly.
My boss is on to me, I think, he said
If he catches me out, there's no doubt I'll be dead.

Lunch at the bar was ruled out, he's always there
Sitting by himself, alone in a chair.
There's no way we could sneak in, all unnoticed
The four of us there? We'd stick out like a lotus.

What to do then? I don't want to waste a sick day
Let's do something cool, something with cache.
We could golf at the club, give that course a twirl
Can't, one said, last week I housed the beer girl.

So no lunch and no golf, options were running low
But only an hour away, there's a casino.
It's got liquor and gambling, a nice substitute
As a bonus, a chance to come home with some loot.

So it was settled, and the last beers were downed
Everyone was excited, they had optimism abound.
But the car wouldn't start, so once again they were stuck
On this particular sick day, the four had no luck.

Back inside, another beer was cracked
Conversations about which girl was more stacked.
But it was apparent they were thinking, this sick day blows
At least they were wearing some nice new chinos.

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