Saturday, June 21, 2008

DUI Stop

You know it won't work, yet you pop a penny in
But how is that going to mask all that gin?
You try to concentrate and make eye contact
But you can't help but stare at the lady cop's rack.
She asks you to step out and you take a deep breath
If you were choosing between jail, you'd surely take death.
Out comes a pen, to test your eyes' gaze
Two shots before leaving, have you in a haze.
And then comes the walk and turn, maybe this'll be easy
Heel to toe, heel to toe, you're starting to feel queasy.
Next you're asked to stand on leg one
And for the first time you notice, this cop has a gun.
Touch your finger to your nose, do it with your eyes closed
When's she going to figure out, you're completely hosed?
Counting backwards and letters in reverse are to follow
You are almost through it, you take big swallow.
Last but not least, is the vaunted PBT
You blow point oh seven, the cop sets you free.
Not a moment too soon, you phone starts to chime
And you make it to the next bar before closing time.

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