Monday, January 10, 2011

Bring on, The Hat?

Wait. What? Jimmy isn't on his way?
Brandon waited all this time, had a huge delay
Fired Rich and was certain to bring home number 4
To usher in some titles, and send losing out the door.

But of course, it got fouled up
Harbaugh's gone to the pros leaving us with some schlub
Who looks like Fred Flintstone and coaches in San Diego
If only there was some other link to past glory and Bo

Oh, but there is, but he comes with issues.
After botching timeouts, he leaves fans holding tissues.
But he can recruit and he hates State
And his past teams have been good to great

So despite his penchant for chewing grass
Oversigning players and treating them like ass
He's better than Hoke, he's got the stats
Bring on Les Miles, bring on The Hat.

(God, I hope this is the last of these I do.)

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