Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Access Denied

Headed to Canada for a quick work trip
Truck fully loaded with a bunch of equip
Windsor or Sarnia, which would be quickest?
Windsor ruled out, their traffic the thickest.

As we drove, the fog finally lifted
Along 69, the truck never drifted.
Stopping for candy and a diet coke
Making good time, this trip is no joke.

Pull up to the border and things go awry
Questions and questions, where are we going and why?
This isn't going well, I have a bad feeling
Off to immigration to do our appealing.

Parked with our yellow note we head for the door
Up to the counter, let us in I implore.
Out come the laws, and books of regs
We've been here before, what's all this we beg?

But our pleas are met with a stern shake of the head
Leave at once or or else you'll be banned til you're dead.
Turned back around, we're headed stateside
Our work trip to Canada, access denied.

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