Monday, September 29, 2008

The Comeback

19 down with 30 to play
This new Michigan in total disarray.
How in the world could they be this inept?
20 yards, 3 fumbles and 2 intercept.
Mistakes by all, the pigskin, must be greased.
100 thousand fans with tickets, all thought they were fleeced.
On the heels of a disaster down in South Bend
This fall from grace I could not comprehend.
I was a Badger score from turning off this game
Let's watch something else I'd surely proclaim.
But then it started, 6 points from the freshman tight end
The kick, good, and my mood was starting to mend.
Two holds by the defense and my heart rate increased
It was not long ago our chances had deceased.
And then, a bolt, two bolts of electric lightning
The first, a long run, Wisconsin was tightening.
4 seconds later and the lead changed hands
The oft quiet stadium, now rocking it's stands.
And who would have thought the hero would be
The ill-named linebacker nicknamed the Machete.
It wasn't quite over, each team scored after that,
But the Michigan defense never let Wiscy off the mat.
And for that off criticized middle linebacker
We toasted a beer to our aggressive attacker.
And then I was reminded of statements I made
About Forty-nine and how I wish he never played.
I don't recall saying that, but it's probably true
He had a big Iowa game, really his debut.
But since then, nothing, lots of empty afternoons.
I was wrong, tell Coach D to meet me at Ricks sometime soon.

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